About taking Responsibility on the Golf Course

All great golfers take responsibility for their actions. To become a great player, it’s a requirement to deal with the consequences of a mistakes in order to learn from them. In order to do so, you have to see and accept the mistakes you do.
Golf is a difficult game to play. If you blame everything on your playing partners, weather, course conditions, equipment, the bird in the tree or anything else, you are never going to improve your game nor going to become a great player. The game will always control you!
Look at the following video in which Tiger takes full responsibility for his current game:
Tiger is really realistic. He knows where his game is at right now and he knows what needs to be improved to get where he wants to be. There are no excuses for Tiger.

“But I need to get more lucky on the golf course…”
Of course it is luck if you hit it into the trees and the ball bounces back into the fairway but you are never unlucky when you are leaving a putt short! Don’t blame it on the greens or anything else. There is always a reason for why poor shots happen. If you leave it short on the first green, there is no reason to leave it short on the second green as well. Take responsibility for the shot on the first green and hit it a little firmer on the second green! Learn from your mistakes.

If there are major mistakes in your game that you need to improve upon, talk to your teaching pro to find ways to work on avoiding future mistakes.

Also, there is no reason to complain about something you can’t do anything about (like a foot print on the intended line of your put or a poorly raked bunker). Your goal is to make the fewest strokes possible on the course. You can be upset about a poorly raked bunker for a little bit but you better find the courage to execute the shot anyway. A poor bunker shot is not going to get the ball near the hole but a confident bunker shot might get it to the hole. The more confident you are the better you will deal with bad breaks. So choose to be confident! You got nothing to lose. The alternative is to not be confident and to hit a bad shot. It’s your choice.

Take control of your mind instead of letting the game control you.

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