About Flow Experience in Golf

We all have these days when absolutely nothing goes our way. On the golf course it results in horrific shots, we have never even seen before. We are able to shake a few off those bad shots in the beginning of the round but it won’t get better. Our frustration level keeps rising steadily until we can’t hold it anymore. At some point we just can’t hold it anymore and let our anger take over our actions. Some of us start to through clubs, some blemish the golf course, and some even quit the round, even a tournament round. Do you find yourself feeling or doing some of this? Every golfer has been in this situation. If you haven’t been in this situation, you are most likely lying to yourself.
Sometimes quitting is no option but our anger is so dominant that we keep playing with an
“mutated” state of mind. From now on we just don’t care and want to get it over with! Interestingly enough, we all of the sudden start to play better again. Why is that? Why is it that we play better when we don’t care about the result and play worse when we want to play well?

Care less, Play better Golf!
Once we don’t care about our shot outcome or where the ball ends up, we let the club do what it wants to do. We don’t care so we just let it go. We don’t fear a possible negative outcome because we don’t care. “What if I hit it out of bounce on this hole? So what!? What are two more strokes going to do to my overall score? The score is terribly bad anyway. I’m just going to hit it!”
The game of golf sometimes seems like a game of opposites. We don’t get what we want and get lucky when we least expect it. Behind this false theory however, there is logic.

Find Your Flow Experience
One secret lies in letting the club go, letting the body take over action, and not interfering our swing with conscious thoughts. Another secret is the shot outcome or where the ball will go. A common mistake among amateurs is to think about results and outcomes all the time. Don’t care about the outcome! Pick your target and make a good effort in letting your body hit the shot. Be brave! Except that most of your shots will go somewhere where you don’t want it to go. Even the best players in the world don’t hit it where they want to hit it most of the time. The difference is, they deal with it a lot better than amateurs. A good overall score comes from hitting every single shot with conviction and trust.

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